It all started in 1941

​​and the City of Houston as an infant Goliath, was just beginning to stir. Garden Oaks was far, far out in the country. The main selling point was the large lots with “more trees than in River Oaks.”

     On a sunny afternoon September 28, 1941, fifty-seven people met at the elementary school house in Garden Oaks and Garden Oaks Baptist Church was established. God must have smiled upon that scene, for somehow, those early, hard, war years were weathered.

     After the war finally ended, the men from Garden Oaks returned to their homes. This brought new life to GOBC. In 1944 the church purchased two lots on Shepherd Drive for a future building.

     On May 4, 1947, the church broke ground for the first auditorium. The fill dirt for this building came from a stock pond dug on a cattle farm beginning at Ella and reaching almost to Delmar Stadium. In the fall of 1947, the church moved into the partially completed new building – the first church building in Garden Oaks. The building was completed as men of the church, giving their time, bought the materials as money became available and finished the church.

     As we end 76 years of service on this corner, Garden Oaks Baptist Church must and shall pick up five smooth stones, and like young David of old, go out to conquer its Goliath (Houston) for the Lord. We may not have continued to “lengthen our cords, strengthen our stakes, or enlarge our tents,” yet in the lives of the people who passed through GOBC, there are strengths only God can provide.

     As we look back, let us thank God for His Son, His providence, and His love. As we look to the future, we anticipate great harvests from the people, the blessed people, God’s people of Garden Oaks Baptist Church. These 64 years are but a foundation for greater days ahead as God’s Spirit leads God’s Church to honor God’s Son.


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