It all started in 1941...

​​and the City of Houston was just beginning to grow.  Garden Oaks was considered a distant suburb, with the main selling point that it had large lots with “more trees than in River Oaks.”

     On September 28, 1941, fifty-seven people met at the elementary school house in Garden Oaks and Garden Oaks Baptist Church was established.  In 1944 the church purchased two lots on Shepherd Drive for a future building.

     On May 4, 1947, the church broke ground for the first auditorium.  By Fall of 1947, the church moved into the partially completed new building – the first church building in the growing neighborhood of Garden Oaks.  The building was completed as men of the church, giving their time, bought the materials as money became available and finished the building.

     As we reach 80 years of service on this corner, the Garden Oaks Baptist Church family looks together towards a bright future determining how best to serve the community and reach the next generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.